Matt Brown

Matt Brown

Matt Brown

Matt Brown is an old soul, and that is evident in the music he creates. With a voice seasoned by influences such as Ray Charles and guitar styling steeped in the tradition of Eric Clapton and Stevie Ray Vaughan, Brown’s artistry is filled with as much blue-eyed soul as his baby blue Fender Telecaster, “Stella Blue.”

Growing up in the small dairy town of Washougal, Washington, Brown’s love for music began as a child, soaking in the classic melodies of The Beatles that filled the house. Brown demonstrated a natural rhythm by banging along to the beat whenever music was played, Matt’s father gave him a guitar when he left home for college in Seattle, encouraging him to follow in the family musical tradition.

During college, Brown fell in love with the guitar and started performing at open mic nights, revealing his innate ability as a vocalist. Since that time, Brown has fronted bands, played hundreds of shows, recorded several albums, opened for acts like Chris Isaak & Huey Lewis, had his songs placed in TV/FILM, and journeyed across the country to Nashville to continue developing his craft of songwriting. Brown’s songs are fresh but familiar and tend to move the heart as much as the head and feet. His music grabs the attention of the young and old, while being deeply rooted in timeless soul. There is an authenticity in the words and delivery that create Brown’s signature sound.

Brown is currently working with two-time Grammy award winning, Scott Underwood, on his new album that will be released in early 2018. Underwood, former drummer of the band Train, is producing and playing drums on the album. Brown will be touring the US and Europe in 2018 to promote this new album.


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