Beyond the Music

In addition to all of our incredible shows and activities, we’re excited to welcome our special guests who will be offering unique experiences on board!

  • Matt Bongiovi

    Matt Bongiovi

    Join Matt for an exclusive behind the scenes panel to hear some incredible stories from his time on the road with Bon Jovi, to building Runaway Tours, to helping curate the first ever Runaway To Paradise along with his brother Jon Bon Jovi.

  • Jesse Bongiovi

    Jesse Bongiovi

    As co-founder of Hampton Water Wine, Jesse Bongiovi will be onboard to provide an exclusive experience only to be had on the ship! 

  • Obie O'Brien

    Obie O'Brien

    Not only will Obie be bringing the noise along with Jon Bon Jovi & The Kings of Suburbia, but he will also be giving us a behind the scenes look into life on the road with Jon and so many more! 

  • David Bergman

    David Bergman

    Canon Explorer of Light David Bergman is a New York based commercial photographer and photo educator. He has been Bon Jovi's official tour photographer since 2010, documenting hundreds of shows in more than 30 countries on 6 continents. In addition to his other celebrity clients, Bergman has 13 Sports Illustrated covers to his credit, and his high-resolution image of President Obama's first inaugural speech was viewed by over 30 million people. He is an engaging and passionate public speaker, runs a number of workshops for photographers, and hosts a weekly web series, “Two Minute Tips with David Bergman” for Adorama TV. 


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